We want to share with you the first Chilean Grape Group Sustainability Report, which includes part of the work carried out in recent years (2019-2021) at CGG in relation to environmental and community issues, but also work with our products, clients and collaborators.


We invite you to review our Chilean Grape Group Sustainability Report. A document that we have specially prepared to publicize our work in this important area.


Morandé Wine Group is a company of the Yarur Group, one of the 5 most important economic groups in Chile, with companies in the Banking and Financial, Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Agroindustrial and Livestock sectors, among others.

At Morandé Wine Group we have a diversified product portfolio, which allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers and consumers. We participate in the Bottled Wine, RTD Juices, Concentrated and Single Strain Juices, Bulk Wine, Ingredients and Nutraceuticals businesses.

Today, more than considering ourselves a Winery, we define ourselves as a Food company dedicated to the world of Grapes.


We seek to be a sustainable company that develops its activities achieving balance in the social, environmental and economic fields,
being essential the care for the environment in which we live and the efficiency in the use of natural resources.


Be a reference both in our industry and for others in order to be more environmentally friendly companies.

MWG in the search to be a reference for industries in terms of sustainability, has as a fundamental pillar respect for the environment in order to ensure continuity in the business.
Climate change has been a relevant issue in recent years, which affects the global level, which is why for us it is essential to contribute to counteract this situation to an extent.


The Sustainability Code is considered the cornerstone of the sustainability program of the Chilean wine industry. This establishes the sustainable practices that may exist in the various areas of production throughout the wine value chain. It identifies the needs of the wine sector in three areas: green area (vineyards), red area (winery) and orange area (community), understanding that sustainability is the convergence of environmentally friendly, socially equitable and economically viable production.


We are the first in Chile to be certified with the Sustainability Code in all its areas, since until 2012 it was only possible to be certified in the green area (vineyards). Our vineyards Morandé, Vistamar, Mancura, Fray León and Tiraziš were the first in the industry to be fully certified, which reflects our commitment to sustainable development.

MWG in its commitment to Sustainability participates in different initiatives through its business units.





MWG verifies its water and CO2 footprints, in order to calculate and thus manage the reduction or compensation of them, in this way we are responsible for significant environmental issues.


Our goal is to generate a link between the company and our environment in order to positively influence the development of the community.


The social cycle includes within its structure the identification of stakeholders and community, in order to achieve the best responsibility and communication between all relevant parties.


Along with the faithful fulfillment of the tasks of each of our collaborators, what we expect from our people is that they act in accordance with our corporate values: Integrity “To be and to seem. Act with consequence, righteousness, honesty and justice.” Act in accordance with their own values and those of Chilean Grape Group, maintaining an honest and ethical conduct in any circumstance.

Creativity: “Finding new ways, ideas or initiatives to obtain better solutions and results”.

Excellency: “Doing things right the first time. There is always room for improvement, but we must strive to plan and execute in the best possible way.” It is the ability to carry out functions and responsibilities in accordance with quality standards. We permanently seek excellence in our management, through continuous self-evaluation and projection.

Passion: “Enjoy what we do, transmitting and infecting others with our energy”. Passion allows us to create natural paths to goals and objectives, leading to exceptional products and service delivery.

Respect: “We appreciate and value the qualities of all the people who make up CGG, our suppliers and customers, either for their knowledge, experience or value as people, as well as towards the standards and guidelines of our organization.


MWG in its approach to communities, participates in direct collaboration with some initiatives


Integration project with the children of the Pelequén School, which consists of works based on recycled and handicrafts. The workshop is carried out in an old bus restored by the company, which has the conditioning for the work of minors.